Giving up Thursday July 28, 2005, 8 comments

People have been asking me a lot about my community site. It’s been quite a long time since I originally announced the major rebuild of the site, so long I’ve actually forgotten how long.

But they still ask me. Some parts of me are relieved they’re asking, because it means there is interest. Other parts of me want to rant and rave, stomp and whine.


Yeah. I get mad when people ask. Partly because I feel like I’m being pushed, and it’s a well known character flaw of mine that when I feel pushed, I am less likely to perform with any kind of quality.

But that’s not even it. The part that’s gets me is that many of them have asked time and again how they can help, but when I tell them they can help by helping me find a reason for the site to exist, they have nothing to say.

Yeah, I’m bitching. I’ll continue on my merry way with it though, and I’ll quietly ignore all the complaints when I finally do relaunch the site and it’s nothing like they were expecting.

They keep asking me if I’ve given up on it, but can’t see they maybe it’s them who’s given up after all.

I’ve not given up. Never give up. ☿


CaptainPurple Thursday July 28, 2005

Actually, I believe there has been plenty said. Perhaps it hasn’t been what you want to hear?

barry Thursday July 28, 2005

the flue does matter:

yes of course it does…

the single best thing about the flue
is simple…

it’s the people there and their relationship with each other

that alone makes it worth continuing

the rest, imagined and unimagined, is just gravy

it may sound sappy, but there is genuine affection, even love and dedication to the others here

the flue matters to me…look at my connections with my friends here…look at my efforts in attempting to see them face to face…my friends here enrich me

yes it matters

adrian Thursday July 28, 2005

“Actually, I believe there has been plenty said. Perhaps it hasn’t been what you want to hear?”

I strongly disagree with this statement cappy. While MANY positive things have been said about the ‘flue and its state, most of which has been valid and some of which has been constructive, there has been little participation in terms of building a proper foundation for the ‘flue.

I appriciate your answers though!

collette Saturday July 30, 2005

thank god you are not a health care professional, because the patient would be dead.

if you are not willing to breathe new life in the flue then the flue is dead.

the place runs like an office m-f, 9-5, since when do creative types have those hours.

like the human body needs food, air. water, love, rest, education, creative stimulation, spirituality 24-7,

howard berry started a site which i was member, but he closed it because of his academic responsibilities, that took a lot of courage on his part. the choice is yours do you want a live and breathing site 24-7 or bury the flue with some dignity.

as a nurse i see the flue on life support.
with 2 endings.
1. its alive!!!!!!!! Hallelujah.
2, RIP flue and thanks for the memories

and the flue does matter to me.

el tigra Saturday July 30, 2005

The flue needs some life breathed into it. But the members need to step up and give some of that life force…

sly Saturday July 30, 2005

i agree. i think saying it needs to close is a bit harsh. i’m looking forward to the relaunch and will do what i can to grow the flue. i know i havent done all i can. we shall see what happens…


collette Saturday July 30, 2005

i will support the life of the flue with any breath, life affirming meds, and alike that i can

Sweetie Monday August 1, 2005

This was discussed, and vehemently argued one might say, long ago. And emotionally argued betweent the two of us as I recall. I fully enveloped myself in the quest to find a reason for the ‘flue and there was, in part, an answer. What happened to that? I know it wasn’t a final conclusion, but you won’t necessarily find one.

Keep in mind, too, that there are some people just waiting for the rebuild and the attached galleries to open. They have ideas to add to the ‘flue but are finding the methodology of attaching photos, drawings, etc., laborious and cumbersome. So they wait until it’s easier. What happened to just getting the relaunch out there and seeing what happens?

I know that I can’t speak much anymore. I now have a job that locks me out of the site and I spend most of 4 days a week in clinic, but I still care. And that’s both about the site and it’s creators.

You may not have given up, but you have become morose to say the least. Your lack of excitement and sadness about the site is only going to make the site less functional.

Stick with it and keep the chin up a bit more. She’ll come along. Trust all of us who care.

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