Psych Wednesday August 3, 2005, 7 comments

Picture the scene: An Air France Airbus A-340, one of the largest planes to ply the skies, crashes at Pearson International Airport in Toronto. It slides off the runway, across a field, and into a river ravine, where it bursts into flames.

Three hundred and nine people survive the crash – everyone on board in fact. None of the injuries were serious. A genuine miracle, in my opinion. Maybe they can canonize the late pope now.

I swear, it took the news stations 12 seconds – count them, twelve! – to use the phrase “nine-eleven.” Yes. The very first sentence uttered by the anchor on Canada’s largest television network made a reference to an attack on New York city four years ago.

What the hell? The only thing the two incidents had in common were fire and the involvement of an airplane! This is like including a mention of tourism in the Sahara desert in a piece about cancer treatment (the sun causes skin cancer, you know).

When are people going to move on? Other countries have terrorist attacks daily. Britons moved on the day after their terrorist attacks. Unlike Americans, who preached resolve but couldn’t muster it, everyone else moves on.

The terrorists have already won in America. You can tell by the fact that every tragedy since – from a four car accident to a plane crash in a different country – has reminded them of September 11, 2001. ☿


Jorge Wednesday August 3, 2005

FAR too much coverage, in my opinion.

My favourite was the Global “Crash at Pearson” splash page with the dramatic music.


Get over it.

It stunk in T.O. yesterday though. Smelled like burning plastic, rather than the usual ass it smells like.


CaptainPurple Wednesday August 3, 2005

The terrorists won with the passage of The Patroit Act, get your facts straight, Canadien.

However, it is kind of refreshing to hear of a plane crashing and people surviving it for a change. How many bought lottery tickets afterwards?

Jeff Wednesday August 3, 2005

Wait a minute. The terrorists aren’t behind everything? Holy shit. In all seriousness news anchor is probably the most foolish job ever. They just spout some bullshit that means absolutely nothing. Oh and they love to sensationalize everything.

K Thursday August 4, 2005

ok, we have all learned from the news that it was the pilots fault (yeah, let’s blame the pilot… :/ )

but it’s strange i now have an ungood feeling in my stomach when i hear someone is flying to canada… i’m not afraid of flying – no – it’s like driving with a bus for me, it just takes longer sometimes – but it’s hard to explain…

I was happy when i heard that one of my friends arrived safely at St. Johns yesterday afternoon. She is there til october, after that Toronto for 2months and a short while in Vancouver – she’s a first year resident and got this big chance… we are all happy for her, but we miss her so much :(

Adrian Friday August 5, 2005

Pilot fault?

That’s not what we heard here last night. What the Chairman of Air France said was that the pilots couldn’t stop the plane after touchdown.

Pilot error is not ruled out, but the scenario points to a hydroplaning problem compounded with rubber on the runway from previous landings, neither of which is pilot error.

K Friday August 5, 2005

ah well – no need to argue – i just can say what they told here on the news this morning. and they said that the pilot decided to land on Pearson Int’l despite the bad weather and that he had enough kerosene to fly to another airport…

that’s all i can say.

Sweetie Friday August 5, 2005

The American don’t get over 9/11 because the press and government don’t want anyone to get over it. A populace moving forward would make the job of sensationalizing more difficult for the press, and the job of hiding the truth far more difficult for the gov’t.

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