The dumbassity of Canadian politics Tuesday May 3, 2005, 3 comments

I don’t usually write about politics, but seriously, this is so bad it’s almost satirical. I HAD to write about it.

Yes, the Conservative party of Canada is going to force an election, to drive our corrupt liberal party out of power and assume the sceptre as a new and righteous minority government.

It would seem that the Liberal party was covering up a huge scandal, generally called the “Adscam” in which they were accepting massive kickbacks from advertising agencies in return for giving those ad agencies the contracts in the first place. That’s downright illegal, and I think anyone involved should be up on criminal charges.

For those who don’t understand Canadian politics (and who does, really), we have two major parties, called the Conservatives (blue) and Liberals (red). We have, after that, many smaller parties, the two largest of which are the National Democratic Party (NDP, orange) and the Bloc Quebeqois, a party created to aid in the separation of the province of Quebec from the rest of the country.

Currently, the Liberal party has power, but only in minority. The Conservatives hold the title of Official Oppostion, meaning they are the second largest party in the house. The balance of power is held by the Bloc and the NDP.

Back to our current crisis. The Conservative party, led by the heroic Stephen Harper,a man with thick lips that remind one of two slabs of raw liver flapping against one another, feels the liberals are corrupt, which they are, and that this somehow gives the Conservative party the moral authority to lead the country. Therefore, they are going to force an election, despite the fact that the inquiry (called by the Liberals) into the Adscam is not complete. To make things more muddy, the Liberal party has publicly declared they will call an election within 30 days of the end of the inquiry.

When the scandal broke, all three other major parties were quick to scream foul at the Liberals. Then, suddenly, the Bloc got very quiet. And then, the NDP got very quiet – so quiet they bailed the Liberal party out of a possible non-confidence vote. The Conservatives, led by a creepy-eyed, meat-mouthed christian fundamentalist apparently granted the moral authority to judge by God himself, are still screaming.

If Stephen Harper thinks God is going to save his bacon when, in the midst of an unwanted election campaign, it comes out that not only were the Liberals, the Bloc and the NDP all involved in taking kickbacks at one level or another, but that the Conservatives themselves were waist deep in the smelly, he’s more broken in the head than I believed – and that’s saying something.

Forcing this election right now is going to end up giving the Liberal government yet another majority government. I think they’re doing a bad job, and we need something better, but the Conservative Party of God is NOT the answer.


Jorge Tuesday May 3, 2005

Harper scares me.

caerulea Wednesday May 4, 2005

Canadian Politicians scare me.

adrian Wednesday May 4, 2005

From this is it possible to logically conclude that Canadian Politics has lips like raw liver.

Logic scares me.

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