Negatively negative Thursday June 9, 2005, 4 comments

Negative thoughts lead to negative reality.

Read that line again. Now read it again. Don’t bother asking yourself how that meshes with what appears to be my typically cynical nature.

The fact of the matter is that I am not referring to the world outside (which offers plenty to be cynical about). I’m referring to the world inside. Inside our heads. You’ve all heard of the Power of Positive Thinking, a feel-good book that does nothing for anyone except the author and the publishing company. I’m not talking about the book, I’m talking about the way we view ourselves.

Friends often tell me I have a very active imagination. And I think I do. But then they compare (or should I say contrast) their own opinions of their imagination. “I have an underactive imagination” they say, sometimes with a frown and more often with a puzzled look on their faces. Puzzled because I think they themselves know it’s a lie, and they’re trying to hide that truth from themselves.

I am constantly stunned by how unwilling people are to admit their strengths. It is almost like they hope that by denigrating their abilities, they hope to avert attention from themselves, trying not to stand up and be counted. I certainly don’t understand it. Yet I digress.

When someone asks you how you are doing, how do you answer? “I’m fine, thanks” or “A little tired” or” I’m okay.” Probably something very similar, if not exact. It’s almost a preprogrammed response to what is effectively a preprogrammed question asked in the interests of politeness, not genuine concern.

Ever asked yourself why you answer that way?

You probably answered that way because it’s the truth. But that in itself is an interesting thing. What if you were to answer “I’m doing great, thanks!”

Magically, it becomes true too. Think about it.


Jorge Thursday June 9, 2005

Sometimes, when prompted for my emotional condition, I will return the name of a vegetable.

That clears things right up.

Adrian Thursday June 9, 2005

It would Jorge. But you have a gift for that sort of thing, whereas I would probably just get slapped.

“Hey, how are you?”

“I’m a thick firm cucumber!”


K Thursday June 9, 2005

Das hat bei mir leider noch nie funktioniert… wenn ich schlecht gelaunt bin, dann spürt das mein Umfeld auch – jedenfalls diejenigen, die es wirklich interessiert.

Momentan bin ich einfach nur enttäuscht – denk’ mal darüber nach!

CaptainPurple Friday June 10, 2005

Many times I’m asked ‘how ya doing?’ I’m old enough to understand that the questions resides somewhere in that grey area between actual question seeking a actual answer and rhetorical. MY stock answer has evolved into “I can’t complain. Actually, I can camplain, but I don’t think you want to hear it, do you?”

Sometimes that grey area inbetween can be fun :)

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