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My awesome wife just gave me one of those slick Team Canada Olympic t-shirts that everyone (including me) thinks are so stylish and cool. Mine’s navy blue with a white Canada written across the chest. It’s a wicked cool shirt, made in Canada. A portion of the purchase price goes directly to supporting Canadian athletes. Overall very cool.

Except for the RFID tag I had to cut out of it.

It was sewn in to the side seam on the left side, in a little fabric pouch that said “Remove before wearing.” So I had to risk cutting my brand new shirt with scissors in order to get this stupid tag off. The pouch was so small there was literally a millimeter of space to get the scissors into position.

I read an article somewhere about some book that says RFID tags are the apocalyptic mark of the beast. I don’t know about that, but I do know they’re hell.


I heard somewhere that a UN report, now admittedly old, slated the Southern Ontario region, and Toronto in specific, to become the largest city in the world. Proximity to fresh water was cited. It’s true that southern Ontario is in possession of most of the fresh water in the world, making it a logical place for growth.

Of course, the American’s are piping it to the midwest to irrigate their farm fields, despite International agreements not to do any such thing. It’s so hard for Canada to deal with the US, when the current administration just flips us the bird and tells us off every time they break a deal with us.

Nonetheless, it is apparent that access to fresh water is very important. While i am used to having huge amounts of it nearby, most of the world isn’t, and it becomes apparent that fresh water is the lifeblood of civilization.

Which is why I think its time we stop filling our toilets with clean, wholesome drinking water.

Men in childcare

In a conversation with my sister a few weeks ago, the topic of men in the childcare profession came up. She insisted that she would look at any man in the Early Childhood Education system as a pedophile. No ifs, ands or buts. He’s a child molester, because that’s the only reason a man would enter the field.

It’s sad that an entire category of employment, to which some men might be well qualified. While I do believe that women are naturally better than men at taking care of young children and educating them, I also believe that a balanced childhood requires both a male and female aspect.

The idea that any man who makes it his life work to educate young children is a pedophile is sexist, narrow-minded and wrong. If anyone tried to say something as ridiculous about women, say, that all women emasculate their sons by emotionally abusing them with guilt trips, feminists and human rights activists would tear up the streets in protest.


Thomas M. Friday March 3, 2006

- Yep .. where’s the picture of the shirt? I’ve scoured the internet trying to get a bloody image just to visualize this rich looking shirt that you’ve just mangled with a pair of scissors.
– Yep … It’s a given that cows milk (Hormone filled substance that can only be broken down if you have three stomachs) should be used instead.
– Yep, yep, yep, and yep. I probably, at times, have that same stigma in my mind, it’s wrong and there are perfectly good male caregivers, balanced role models are good, and it would be best to avoid such a statement about the emasculation of sons by their mothers (or female caregivers in general) – The real cause is due to the drinking milk containing RFID chips (their both of the devil, you know).

Captain Purple Friday March 3, 2006

You want your damn water back? Come and get it! (Actually, NOW would be a goode time to do something like that, our army is currently out of town. The only thing stopping a Canucki invasion is enough change for the bridge)

barry Friday March 3, 2006

sadly, it is a stereotype that some men are plagued with…gender profiling? but does it speak to some elementary definition of prejudice that the possibility of entrusting your young child to a male teacher that you haven’t spent enough time in researching that particular individual? how well can you know someone? i’m sure pedophiles are smart enough to figure our how to put up a façade, but a gut instinct based on prejudice is unfair albeit cautious.

i’ve may have been looked at askance several times, i don’t know, in my role as volunteer in various educational endeavors. volunteering in public schools is still largely a woman’s world as well. perhaps my bona fides were enhanced once it was known that i’ve been a stay at home dad with reasonably decent kids.

when my kids were little, pre third grade, they were in a public montessori school…and everyone was clamoring for their kids to be in the few classes that were led by men.

i don’t know…there are tragic surprises all the time where you least expect it, and the cost, the lifelong cost to these small victims and their families should be unbearable for us all. such a terrible cost… so i don’t blame anyone, really, for being too cautious.


chris Thursday March 23, 2006

interesting read on the whole RFID controversy:

Globe and Mail article

and this part:

Controversy revolves around the potential uses and abuses of RFID for human tracking, as distinct from the way the technology is actually used currently. Human RFID is being used in a very limited and voluntary way today, according to John Procter, spokesperson for VeriChip Corp., a vendor based in Delray Beach, Fla.
VeriChip is the only company that offers FDA-approved, human implantable RFID. We’re the only ones on the block, he says.
The company offers a variety of systems that represent the state of the art today in human RFID.

ah well… I’m probably just over-reacting

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