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Hey! I don't really post here much any more, but I have been contributing to Temna Zvezda. Why not head over there and check it out?

A Rain of Frogs was written, designed and built by Adrian Lebar, a twenty-five(!) year veteran of web design and development. He is currently managing web and mobile development teams at Canada’s largest and most beloved classifieds site, Kijiji!

He is a father, sailor, snowboarder, skier, cyclist, writer, artist, graphic designer, classically trained musician and afraid of heights.

Adrian is not currently available for freelance and contract work. Learn more.


Looking for new content? 276 days ago, 0 comments


As you might be able to tell, this blog is pretty defunct. I am leaving it up, and may even starting posting content here again at some point.

Lately I’ve been writing and posting photos to another site I run, which you can find at if you’re so inclined.

See you over there!

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Half my life?!? 1850 days ago, 0 comments

Apparently today I have been a professional web developer for half my life. HALF MY LIFE.


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Sad Rhino II 2070 days ago, 0 comments

Sad Rhino II

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Sad Rhino I 2070 days ago, 0 comments

Sad Rhino I

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A lazy Sunday afternoon II 2099 days ago, 1 comments

Lyra yawning

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