They'd call it "reboot" Saturday December 23, 2006, 16 comments

I call it a redesign.

Of course, I don’t call it a blog, either. I know its not perfect in Internet Explorer, but it should look fine in Firefox, Camino and Safari. If you’re using Explorer, I recommend you switch to a more standards compliant browser, but that’s your business, not mine. Not where this site is concerned, anyway.

For my official 300th post on Rain, I decided it was time for a change. I think it’s a relatively minor redesign. Not a lot is different, despite appearances. Most everything is in the same place it was before.

I just needed to add a bit more weight, a bit more heft to the site. The creamcicle was awesome, but it was time for me to add some maturity to the design.

Much of it is in the details, and more of it is coming.

I’m happy. What do you think?


Jeff Saturday December 23, 2006

Not bad man. I like it. Wish I could get mine to look this good. Also the 9rules image on the bottom doesn’t seem to be loading.

Adrian Saturday December 23, 2006

Thanks Jeff, I’ve fixed that now.

Hacking Textpattern on a Saturday night. What a social life I have.

Ah well, at least the Leafs aren’t losing. Yet.


Adrian Saturday December 23, 2006

See? I spoke too soon. Leafs are losing to Washington 2-0 in the second now.

Being a Leafs fan is an excercise in heartache.

Jeff Saturday December 23, 2006

Bruins are tied with Montreal right now going into the 3rd.

Adrian Saturday December 23, 2006

3-0 for Washington in the second intermission.

Why can’t I like a good hockey team?

Jeff Saturday December 23, 2006

I feel the same way. I was just looking at the standings. The damn Sabres have 52 points.

Jonathan E Saturday December 23, 2006

Looks great man! I like how you’ve integrated the little frog logo (below each article) in this design.

In your sidebar, is this new?

“Rarely is it about football.”

Adrian Saturday December 23, 2006

Yes Jon, its new. :)

And put there just for you.

jules Sunday December 24, 2006

I love it! It’s you!! It looks smashing in Flock (am I the only one using flock???)

Merry Merry Adrian!


Adrian Sunday December 24, 2006

And Merry Merry to you too Jules :)

Flock’s okay. I prefer Camino.

bbd Sunday December 24, 2006

hahaha, thanks for saving the lindsay lohan quote, one of my more lucid moments i admit…meds must have worn off for a while…and the nurse forgot to come by, so damn, i looked through the bars on the window and noticed there were still some damn leaves on the tree…shit where does the time go…

where the hell is that buzzer…actually i think i need the meds now

Jonathan E Wednesday December 27, 2006

Ha! That’s awesome Adrian, I kinda thought that was for me :)

Hope you had a great Christmas man!

Jorge Wednesday December 27, 2006



Daniel Black Friday December 29, 2006

”... and somtimes its about web sites and web development…”

E’s rule.

Adrian Saturday December 30, 2006

Not only is it rarely about football, it's rarely about good spelling ;)

chris Tuesday January 2, 2007

spelling are hard.

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