Not with a bang, but the whimper of a pig... Friday October 3, 2008, 3 comments

The US senate just passed a bill that transfers the remaining money the middle class somehow managed to hold onto into the hands of its fat-cat friends.

In someone else’s words, “What started as a three-page “blank check” request for $700 billion to buy “toxic” assets on Wall Street, has now passed the Senate as a 451-page pork-laden piece of detritus.”

Seriously, did they think no one would read this thing?

Seriously. Did they?

They were right, it seems.


Mark Friday October 3, 2008

Unfortunately this bill isn’t supported by the majority of the American public; I’ve seen polls show 2-1 opinions against it. This is why it failed on Monday. The officials up for re-election in November were scared of public reactions and voted against it, but apparently there was enough pork stuffed into it that they couldn’t resist the second time around.

I’ve looked up my representatives’ voting records on this bill and will be voting accordingly next month.

Adrian Saturday October 4, 2008

I am sad for my American friends, who seem to have ben completely abandoned by their government.

And I am afraid that the same thing will happen in Canada if our Conservative party wins a majority government in a couple weeks.

Mark, it’s awesome that you’ve looked at your rep’s voting record. If only everyone would get so involved.

Thomas Sunday October 12, 2008

You do understand that most of the representatives were under House Martial-Law to force them to vote without reading this? And many were coerced with the threat of Martial-Law for the public if this wasn’t passed?

Check these out on YouTube
Compelled to Vote
House Martial Law

If you really want to watch an eye-opening video, check out Naomi Wolf
Naomi Wolf

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