Mental intercourse Tuesday April 19, 2005, 16 comments

Is anyone else stunned by the media’s ability to make an entire news story out of a headline that says “It’s black smoke again!” That’s like making a story out of a headline that says “Nothing happens, again!” Ironical, isn’t it.

The Canadian minority government is in danger of collapsing in the wake of a financial scandal. I personally think they should all be lined up on a wall and stoned. Not for the scandal, but for putting conservative leader Stephen Harper in a position to become Prime Minister.

On a slightly less cynical note, I’ve got some questions for the general public regarding the 100 worst environmental crimes currently being committed in Canada. We’ll expand to America soon enough, but for now, I am curious what crimes are being committed against mother nature right now.

This isn’t past environmental issues. Current ones, like Stelco in Hamilton Harbour.

Any help would be fantastically appreciated. Ask your friends, neighbours, family. What I’m aiming to do is create a list of the 100 worst environmental issues facing Canada right now. I’ll itemize and publish the list here on Rain with your help. It’ll become the basis for something else in the future, but for now the most important thing is finding the bad stuff.


K Tuesday April 19, 2005

hm, hard to help for someone frome Europe… :o(
i’m waiting until you’ll release the 100 worst environmental issues against the whole world, ok?
then i’ll have some proposals for sure :o)

adrian Tuesday April 19, 2005

It’ll come K.

First canada, then the US. Eventually the whole world.

Physics Boy Tuesday April 19, 2005

GMO anything

Adrian Tuesday April 19, 2005

Physics, that’s awesome, and I totally agree, but I’m thinking something more specific.

Something I can point a finger at.

Physics Boy Tuesday April 19, 2005

‘k, point at

Adrian Tuesday April 19, 2005

Well, hell yeah.

Still, as evil as Monsanto is, it’s not quite what I was looking for in terms of environmental issues.

Physics Boy Wednesday April 20, 2005

One must remember that agricultural issues are fundamentally environmental… that hard-handed, top-down, centralized policy making is a reason why environmental problems exist. We can challange your position on many different levels to illustrate why this is the epitome of an environmental issue.

Adrian Wednesday April 20, 2005

Seriously, I don’t disagree.

What’s at the heart of this issue is a project I am in the planning stages of.

While I completely agree that agricultural issues are not only fundamentally environmental, but are fundamental issues, I am looking for things that are more easily grasped by a generally unaware public, before moving on to deeper but possibly more important issues.

Physics Boy Wednesday April 20, 2005

-Sydney Tar Ponds
-Fisheries Collapse
-Changing Arctic Climate
-Dumping of untreated sewage (see City of Victoria)
-Wastewater disposal at Alberta Tar Sands
-Any of the groundwater tragedies (Walkerton, North Battleford)
-Foreign species introduction/monoculture issues surrounding farmed salmon
-Continued use of coal (of varying sulfer content) in generating electricity in Canada… a real embarassment
-Government mishandling of up-and-coming green technologies (ie: Denmark generates a huge fraction of its electricity via wind… do we? No!)
-Rampant clearcutting, something most people in southern ontario have no clue about. North STARTS north of the north shore of Lake Huron
-Foreign species introduction
-asian longhorn beetle
-zebra mussel
- (we share many with our southern neighbor)
-great-lakes basin water diversion (both environmental and social)
-continued government policy promoting the automobile as oppose to public transit; a real tragedy

I can keep going…

Adrian Wednesday April 20, 2005


By all means, keep going!

Physics Boy Wednesday April 20, 2005

-Extraction of gravel from fish sensitive areas of the Fraser river
-Tay Dump
-Expropriation of sacred aboriginal land for hydro projects in northern quebec
-Continued acid rain problems (see Sudbury smelter stack, calculated to be just tall enough to move emission over the border… to Quebec. Our trees are fine, theirs are dead.)
-sour gas wells and the whole “who really owns the land” issues of mineral rights in the oilfields out west. Clearly defined in the law you know…
-Eutrophication of Lake Erie (maybe there is hope)
-Anything to do with running river water and Lake St. Clair between Huron and Erie
-Oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (Think it’s only an American Problem?)
-Continued dumping of polluted Bilgewater on the east and west coast. Brutally detremental to shorebirds… a real charming problem.

You wanted 100, right?

Adrian Wednesday April 20, 2005

This rocks!

If only everyone else would get so involved. I never pegged you as an environmentalist, my friend.

Physics Boy Wednesday April 20, 2005

You’ve probably never pegged me as a lot of good things. :-} time.

Jorge Thursday April 21, 2005

I think it would be funny if the Vatican was actually on fire, and everyone just thougth they were picking a new pope.

What’s wrong with Hamilton? Everyone is Jesus in Hamilton because the water is so full of shit.

“Come here and be Jesus with us. ” their slogan proudly states.

Physics Boy Friday April 22, 2005


You made me laugh out loud.

Milkbone for you.

Jorge Monday April 25, 2005


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