Of shoes, high school, and underwear Monday May 30, 2005, 4 comments

If the shoe fits…

I am shoe whore.

There. I’ve said it. I dig shoes. I REALLY dig shoes. Shoes are among the first assets I appraise when looking at a woman. Well, like third or fourth. But I seriously do look, and it does matter. Any woman who can choose a shoe that flatters both her leg and her outfit is doing it right, in my opinion.

Shoes are something I pay attention to. Shoes are important.

It has been said that for a guy, I have a lot of shoes. At present, I own about six pairs of shoes, all of which I wear relatively regularly. I don’t think that’s an excessive amount. Granted, it doesn’t include winter boots (two pair), rubber boots for wet bog-type experiences (one pair) or specialty footwear, like ski boots (two pair), cycling shoes (one pair), roller blades (one pair) or ice skates (one pair).

I am (and this is weird) complimented on my footwear rather more frequently than one would expect. My footwear is not particularly “trendy,” nor is it particularly expensive. It is, in general, classically lined and complimentary to my foot and the clothes I am wearing. This seems to have an impact on women (and some men). I quite enjoy the attention my shoes garner, and I choose my footwear with care.

Shoe whore? If the shoe fits, it’s ugly.


On a completely untangental topic, I am constantly stunned by the sheer “high-schoolness” of people.

You know what I mean? People who never left high school behind, still stuck in the tiny mindset of social groupings and worrying about the opinions of others.

The whole thing is just silly. He said, she said, John’s having an affair with Melissa and Allie is completely unaware, though she is fascinated with the bass player from the Grey Matter Trio. Mark just got a new job (which apparently his uncle got for him, since he’s such a loser and can’t hold a job down).

And on and on and on. Ad nauseum (I get 5 points for using that term on a monday.)

People need to get a grip. Why get so involved with someone else’s life when you’re barely capable of keeping your own together? Where’s the love?

Besides, it’s virtually impossible to wear your baseball cap sideways with any kind of authority if your head’s still up your ass.

Going commando

And on to underwear, everyone’s favorite topic.

First and foremost, I don’t get the whole national infatuation with the thong – or anal floss, as I like to think of it.

I totally get the desire to eliminate the visible panty line. I truly do. A panty line can ruin a pretty dress even faster than a bad shoe can. But what is it that makes a woman in a thong a thing of sexual desire?

I like sexy underwear, I really do, but the thong just never appealed to me. Maybe I just don’t get it, maybe I’m a lost cause on this topic.

Sexy underwear though, I really do get. and I know I get it because I’ve seen it all over the place lately. Except it’s not really fair to call it underwear when it’s worn on the outside.

Girls have been wearing bedroom attire to the bars lately. Not pajamas, but negligées and cute little camisoles complete with the lace trimming and nothing underneath.

While this is certainly not a trend I am complaining about, it does leave me wondering. In some cases, these are not outfits that do anything flattering for the women wearing them, and in others, it’s highly distracting on stage, and my guitar player tends to get positively sarcastic with me when I screw up.


el tigra Tuesday May 31, 2005

I think I outdo you on the shoes – at least 6 day-to-day, and way more specialist!

Jorge Tuesday May 31, 2005

I don’t get the thong thing either. I find it really weird how girls will wear thongs or cut-off tops, and then spend most of the time trying to tuck the thongs back down into their pants, or pull the cut-off’s down a so they don’t show so much belly.


caerulea Tuesday May 31, 2005

...and you hate every second of watching that too, Jorge… right? ;)

Adrian Wednesday June 1, 2005

Oh, I would. For sure. Hate. Every. Second.

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