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XHTML/CSS development, image production, javascript.

The project

Barking Dog Studios had a great look already, so no major redesign was required. But the site was built the way so many sites were – tables nested in tables filled with spacer gifs and crufty code. The navigation system was built in inaccessible Flash, and the content management system running the site was complex and required many steps to update information.

The site was rebuilt in standards-compliant XHTML and CSS, and the Flash navigation replaced with a slick CSS alternative. Javascript was used to overcome limitations when viewed in Internet Explorer 6. The site features a dynamic stylesheet that calls page colours from a database, allowing every individual page to have its own colour scheme. The content management system – a Barking Dog Studios product – was updated to a much newer version, and maintaining the site became far simpler.

This work was done while Adrian was employed at Barking Dog Studios.

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Barking Dog StudiosBarking Dog StudiosBarking Dog Studios

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