Kate Schutt

Kate Schutt website


Design consultation, accessibility, XHTML, CSS, javascript.

The project

Kate Schutt wanted a website that wasn’t like everyone else’s. After all, she’s a unique musician, shouldn’t she have a unique site? The site featured complex javascript that controlled slide-away menus and a flash-based jukebox long before such things became commonplace on websites.

On top of all this, the site needed to be built to web standards and also be accessible to low-vision users. Adrian was made the Production Manager on the strength of his understanding of these needs.

The end result was so well executed that it won a design award from RGD Ontario and a place in RGD Review issue #19.

This work was done while Adrian was employed at Barking Dog Studios.

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If I had known I was going to live to 100, I'd have taken up violin at 60.”
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